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  • Poker Tournament at the Empire Casino London


The famous final nine!

The first Sunday of each month brings our cash-game players together with the monthly Cash Race Tournament. The top 63 players with the most cash-game visits in the previous month, battle it out for a share of the prize-pool - guaranteed to be at least £25,000 each month.

Entry to this tournament is through qualification only, resulting in a jovial atmosphere as the first cards are dealt at 1pm.

The winner of each Cash Race Tournament has his or her name engraved on the official Winners Shield displayed in the Poker Room.

Head down to our Poker Room where there's plenty of value for our players. If you're interested in cash games, come and get a piece of:

  • The Empire Hand - win a pot with a suited 5 6 to earn your rake-free session
  • A breakfast roll on us just for playing in the mornings


Here, the top 63 players with the most cash-game visits in the previous month are invited to fight it out for a prize-pool that is always guaranteed to be at least £25,000!

It goes without saying that this fiercely competitive tournament is one of the jewels in the London Poker scene, with the recently refurbished Poker Room providing the perfect battleground for the clash of skill and stacks.

Congratulations to all who qualified and good luck to those that are trying for next month!

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