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  • Poker Tournament at Empire Casino London


A package to the WSOP Main Event, plus packages to the WSOP Circuit event in Nottingham to be won!

This month’s WSOP leader board promotion has extra prizes! Not only will the winner bag a trip to the WSOP Main Event in Las Vegas this Summer, but the lucky runners up will win a place at the in the WSOP Circuit Main Event held at Dusk til Dawn in Nottingham in April 2019.

Be on our February leader board to qualify. Every time you win a pot in a cash game with the Empire Hand (5/6 suited) in February 2019, you will be awarded a point and be added to the leader board. The top 18 on the leader board at the end of the month (plus ties) will return to play for a WSOP package as usual at 6pm on Sunday 10th March 2019.

First prize in the tournament will be the WSOP Main Event package (valued at £10,500) as usual. But this month, the runners up will also win places at the circuit event in Nottingham. The number of packages available will be dependent on the excess funds available from the WSOP jackpot from December 2018, January 2019 and February 2019 (after any spot prizes for those months have been deducted). The packages to play in Nottingham are valued at £1,885 each.

The qualifying period for points is from 06:00 on the 1st of the month until 05:59 on the 1st of the following month. The first card pitched by the dealer will mark the start of the hand.

Each Nottingham package will include:

• 1 x £1,000+£100 Main Event buy-in
• Return train tickets for 1 person to Nottingham.
• 4 Nights stay in a Nottingham hotel (Wed 10-Sun 14)
• Dinner at Marco Pierre White steak house in Alea Nottingham
• Team Empire Merchandise
• Total package cost - £1,885
• Any prize money generated in excess of the cost of the packages will be awarded as a cash prize for this month only.

Instant Tournament Qualification

If a player is dealt a straight flush in a Texas Hold’em cash game whilst holding the Empire Hand (5/6 suited) during the month, they will automatically win entry into the Empire Hand tournament as joint chip leader, plus a spot prize of £250. The player must win the pot and both cards must be used to construct their hand.

The winner package to Vegas includes:

• A $10,000 buy-in for the WSOP Main Event in 2019
• Return flights to Las Vegas, travel insurance and transfers to the hotel
• Accommodation at a Caesars property in Las Vegas (likely to be at The Rio)
• Branded Empire Poker Room merchandise

Why Play Anywhere Else?

Q: What if I am holding the Empire Hand and there is 7,8,9,10 suited on the board, do I still win the package?
A: No, both of your hole cards must play.
Q: Does the board have to reach the river to win a package?
A: No, as long as the pot is won fairly, it can be won on the flop, turn or river.
Q: Do the players have to win the pot to win the package?
A: Yes, the pot must be won in order to win the package. If there has been any speech play or collusion that may have affected or influenced the outcome of the hand, the prize may not be honoured. The management decision will be final.
Q: Can the package be transferred to somebody else?
A: Yes, the package can be transferred to another player who qualified for the cash race or is in the top 18 positions on the Empire Hand leader board in February 2019. This must be done within 14 days after the relevant tournament has taken place (Only 7 days will be given for Nottingham packages). Once transferred, it cannot be transferred again. The transfer must be completed in the presence of all relevant parties and the Senior Poker Manager.
Q: If the prize pool generates an amount with an odd amount remaining which is less than the value of a package what will happen?
A: The excess money will be placed into the prize pool for this tournament only. The prizes will be decided once the prize pool has been confirmed.
Q: If somebody wins the package with a straight flush, will the tournament still take place?
Q: What if more than one person wins with the Empire Hand straight flush?
A: They will also join the tournament as chip leader. We will enter as many people as necessary who win with the Empire Straight Flush.
Q: What if a package winner is barred or has their TR account cancelled before the event?
A: The package will be forfeited. Management will then decide on how to award the package or prize money again. We will endeavour to do so in the fairest possible way.
Q: Will there be spending money included as part of this package?
A: No
Q: Will there be a complimentary dinner for the final table of the Team Empire WSOP tournament on the day?
A: No
Q: Can Empire Hand League points be won in the tournament?
A: Yes, 1point per tournament.
Q: Can you win the package with a straight flush in a tournament?
A: No
Q: How many people need to be dealt into the hand in order to qualify for a rake free pass, the points or tournament via the Straight flush?
A: Four people
Q: Does it have to be four handed to win points on the leader board during tournaments?
A: No
Q: How much needs to be in the pot in order to win the package?
A: There is no minimum amount of money.
Q: When will the Team Empire WSOP tournament take place?
A: Sunday 10th March 2019 at 6pm.
Q: What if the board is run twice?
A: The straight flush can be won on the top board only.
Q: What is the structure for the monthly tournament?
A: Thursday blind structure with 5k chips to start. There are an additional 1000 chips for every point earned that month.

NB Terms and conditions apply. All management decisions are final



You could win a place in Team Empire 2019 and be off to the WSOP Main Event in Las Vegas next year by winning our Team Empire WSOP tournament.

This is exclusive to our customers only, you cannot buy-in and qualification is necessary.


Every time you win a pot with the Empire Hand (5/6 suited), you will receive 1 point for our leader board. This also applies in our daily tournaments, but is limited to 1 pint per tournament.

The top 18 players on the leader board at the end of each month (plus ties) will return to play for the package which is valued at over £10,000! This tournament will take place at 6pm on the second Sunday of every month.


Any player who wins a hand with a straight flush in a NLH cash game when using 5/6 suited (both cards must play), will win instant qualification as joint chip leader into the Team Empire WSOP tournament for that month. They will also win a £250 spot prize.


There will only be one prize awarded in this tournament, but what a prize it is! The winner of the monthly tournament will win a package/place in Team Empire 2019.

The package includes:

  • A $10,000 buy-in for the WSOP Main Event in 2019
  • Return flights to Las Vegas, travel insurance, and transfers to the hotel
  • Accommodation at a Caesars property in Las Vegas (likely to be at The Rio)
  • Branded Empire Poker Room merchandise

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    How to win

    Play in any Texas Hold’em cash game or tournament and win a pot with 5/6 'suited' as your two starting (hole) cards, and you’ll always receive a cash game rake-free pass… straightaway. With no limit on the number of times you can win it, it’s a great way to pocket some extra money while playing your favourite game.

    As well as your rake-free pass, other Empire Poker Room promotions have tied directly into the Empire Hand, where exciting giveaways and cash prizes are up for grabs. Check back here or on our Twitter Page here for the latest on what’s happening at the Poker Room at number 5 - 6 Leicester Square.

    Good luck!


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    That's right! Play in our Poker Room between 6pm and 10pm on Saturdays, and we'll give you 10 points for your visit.

    Not only is this double your usual points per visit, but it'll also get you on the way to qualifying for the monthly £25,000 guaranteed freeroll Cash Race Tournament!

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