While we are in the early stages of reopening, cash games are running but tournaments are currently suspended. All poker promotions and packages are also unavailable. Click here for more information.


There is a range of cash games on offer around the clock.

Take a look below for a game that suits you and if your game is not there, let us know and we'll see if we can get it started!

The cash games are usually:

No Limit Texas Hold'em - £1/£1

No Limit Texas Hold'em - £1/£2 Blinds

No Limit Texas Hold'em - £1/£3 Blinds

No Limit Texas Hold'em - £2/ £5 Blinds

Pot Limit Omaha - £1/£2

Pot Limit Omaha - Mixed - £1/£2

Pot Limit Omaha - Triple Flop - £1/£3

Others available on request.

Rake charges

Rake is a small percentage we take from each pot to keep your favourite games going. To contribute to the rake, you must have been dealt cards and at least seen the first three community cards, also known as 'the flop'.

See below for our rake figures:

No Limit Texas Hold'em - £1/£1 blinds
10% the pot, capped at £5
No Limit Texas Hold'em - £1/£2 blinds and above
5% of pot, capped at £10.
Omaha games
5% of pot, capped at £7

A few final things for you to remember:

If the hand does not reach the flop, no rake is taken - 'no flop, no drop'.

If you win with the Empire Hand (5/6 hand), you'll earn a rake-free session voucher.

Play in the morning and you'll receive a breakfast roll on us!


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