Midweek Temptations

Midweek Temptations

Cocktails from only £3.90!

If you're looking for a new after-work drinks venue, why not join us at the Icon Balcony Bar? In a prime location overlooking Leicester Square and boasting a heated balcony from which you can watch all the action - including celeb spotting when the film premieres take place - we're the ideal venue for drinks after work.

Just look at the midweek deal we have for you...

Midweek Temptations, available Sunday to Thursday, offers cocktails from £3.90 and bottled beers from only £3.50.
Icon Balcony Bar is open from 5pm Monday to Friday and from 6pm at weekends.

Midweek Temptations Menu

Cocktails £3.90



Amaretto Sour

Raspberry Collins

Bottled Beers £3.50


San Miguel Fresca


Spirit & Gun Mix £3.50

Smirnoff Red

Gordon's Gin

Captain Morgan's Spiced

Captain Morgan's White

Wine & Bubbles £9.98

Bottle of Lyric Prosecco

Bottle of Lobo Loco Macabeo - white wine

Bottle of Lobo Loco Tempranillo - red wine


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