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Bank Or Run?

3-30 June

Will you take the risk and win it all? Come and find out...

More than £100,000 to be won!

3 - 30 June

A display with 17 boxes numbered from 4 to 20 and prizes increasing in value will be located in our Punto Banco gaming area.

When a run of 4 banks is achieved on Punto Banco, the dealer will ask the you whether they’d like to ‘Bank or Run?’

If you choose ‘Bank’, you will open that box and receive the prize in the box.

If you choose ‘Run’ then you won't open the box and risk a continuation of the run for the chance to win a bigger prize.

If you get another bank you will be asked again whether you'd like to 'Bank or Run?'.

If the you choose ‘Run’ and your run ends, you won’t receive any prize at all.

Will you take the risk and win it all? Come and find out...


Terms and conditions apply.


Terms & Conditions

1. The promotion will run from 3 to 30 June 2024 and is only open to Met Card holders.
2. This promotion will only be available on Punto Banco tables in the Asian gaming area.
3. The Punto Banco bonus is based upon Bank Runs.
4. The Button/Shoe moves with the Bank, the run ends with a Punto. The Button/Shoe then moves in a clockwise direction to the next player.
5. Egalite does not end the run.
6. There will be a large “Display” in the Asian gaming area with 17 sealed squares numbered from 4 to 20 each containing a Free Play prize, the prizes will get progressively higher in line with the number of consecutive banks.
7. When a run of 4 banks is achieved the player will have an option to accept the prize behind number 4 or risk a continuation of the run.

a) The dealer will ask ‘Bank or Run?’.
b) If the player states ‘Bank’ they will open the box and receive the prize behind number 4 on the wall, this ends their current run.
c) If the player states, ‘Run’ and the run continues, the player will be asked 'Bank or Run?' again for number 5, and so on.
d) If the player states, ‘Run’ and the run ends, the player will not win any prizes.
e) If a prize has already been opened during the promotion (e.g. if during the promotion a player had a run of 6 banks, however number 6 had already been won by a previous player) then there will be no substitute prize offered. Once the prize has been won it will remain unavailable until such time as the prize is re-seeded at the end of each week.

8. Only the player with the dealer button/shoe will be asked a ‘Bank or Run' question.
9. The squares on the wall detailing the prizes, which have been 'Banked', will remain visible, displaying the prize that was issued, until such time that it is reseeded.
10. The prize wall will be re-seeded every Monday at 6am over the 4-week period which equates to 4 times during the promotional period.
11. Over £100,000 prize pool refers to the total value of all prizes which could be won over the 4-week period, if all 17 prizes are won each time the wall is re-seeded, however there is no guarantee that all prizes will be given away nor is there a minimum guaranteed prize pool.
12. £10,000 maximum prize refers to the value of the prize behind number 20 on the display which is the end of the run.
13. There will be £29,195 in the prize pool each time the wall is re-seeded.
Terms and conditions
14. There is no guarantee of the total prizes to be won during the promotion, however it will not exceed £29,195 in a 1-week period or £116,780 in a 4-week period.
15. Prizes on the wall that are not won during each 1-week period will not be rolled over to the next week.
16. Free Play can only be redeemed at the Cash Desk in exchange for non-negotiable chips for use on tables.
17. Non-negotiable chips are valid until lost and cannot be exchanged for wheel or cash chips. The winning element of the pay-out will be paid in cash chips. No partnership betting is allowed.
18. Leisure Met Card holders are excluded from participating in the Deal or No Deal promotional activity.
19. Entry constitutes acceptance by the entrant of these terms and conditions.
20. Any complaints or disputes should be brought to the immediate attention of Venue Management for resolution.
21. The Promoter reserves the right to cancel or amend the promotion at any time. If participants have already met the qualifying criteria for the promotion, they will be entitled to participate in the promotion on the terms entered, (subject to any expiry or other terms contained in these terms) and entitled to any benefits associated with the promotion.
22. Employees of the Promoter, their agents, families, or household members are prohibited from participating in this promotion.
23. Disregard or failure to meet any of these terms may result in the management cancelling the offer.
24. Promoter: London Clubs International trading as Metropolitan Gaming, 55 Baker Street, London W1U 8EW.

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