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An ancient Chinese game played with domino tiles

Pai Gow is played with three dice, a shaker and 32 Chinese dominoes, also known as tiles.

These tiles form 16 possible pairs. The objective is to beat the Banker's two hands.

The dice determine who receives the first set of 4 dominoes. When you are given yours, you must arrange them into two hands of two. Each domino and pair of dominoes has a ranking. You must decide how to arrange your dominoes into the strongest possible pairs. If you cannot make any pairs then the next highest value of a hand is 9 (this is totaling the spots on the dominoes). Once all the players have set their tiles, the dealer will reveal and evaluate their own dominoes.

The dealer must set their hands to a certain criteria; this is called the ‘House Way’. If a player wins both hands their bet pays even money, less a 5% commission (19 to 20). If a player loses both, they lose their entire wager. If the hands split, one win and one loss, then the bet is a push/stand-off. If the player and dealer both have the same total, then the highest ranking domino wins the hand.

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